The Aims and objectives of the League are:

  • To assist Ex-Servicemen and their dependents in matters relating to pensions, allowances, grants, war gratuities, resettlement and rehabilitation in close co-operation with the Government of India, Government of India, Government of State/UTs and other official and non-official agencies and organizations. IESL also renders financial and other assistance to Ex-Servicemen and their dependents in distress.

  • To support the United Nation Organisation and such other agencies which propagate the cause of world peace based on justice, freedom, secularism and democracy. During peace and in case of emergency, ISEL renders all assistance to the Government.

  • To educate and to build up public opinion in support of Ex-Servicemen widows and their families, and to inculcate the spirit in them that this was a National duty.

  • To liaise with Government and other private sector units for dignified second employment for maximum ex-servicemen.