Financial Assistance


(President States/UTs Ex-Services Leagues)


1. It is seen that the applications for financial assistance received from the States are neither prepared as per laid down instructions nor properly scrutinized, resulting in a number of discrepancies. This besides, wasting of time and efforts of the staff here, be lie the hopes of the genuine claimants to receive the assistance early. It is, therefore, incumbent on the States to enlighten their members about the assistance available and forward claims of only those who are really entitled. It shall go a long way to avoid infructuous correspondence and help the staff here to clear the claims promptly.

2. Common Errors as noted are:-

(a) Applications are forwarded in respect of non-entitled cases.

(b) The applications are not sent on proper format.

(c) Required documents are not attached with the claims.

(d) IESL Membership number of the claimant is not given.

(e) Type of grant for which the claim is prepared is not distinctly indicated.

3. Instructions with regard to grants/financial assistance given by IESL, have already been sent to you, these are reproduced once again, in brief in the succeeding paras.

Medical Re-imbursement Grant

4. It is also given to those who had served under the British and had retired before 15 Aug 1947. It is given in case where an individual is suffering from protracted illness, there is no one to look after him and he cannot afford his medical expenses. This claim can be forwarded on a normal application alongwith a copy of discharge certificate, medical certificate and latest medical bills duly recommended by the State Presidents of the current year.

Distress Grant

5. It is given in extreme distress cases where an Ex-Servicemen does not have adequate sources of income/enough property to over come a peculiar financial hardship or he is deserted by his immediate relations thereby needing prompt financial assistance. In such cases, State Presidents must give specific circumstances giving necessary details. Such claims can be forwarded on a normal application alongwith documents, if any to substantiate the claim. Mere recommendations like “A genuine Case” are not enough.

Education Stipend

6. Detailed instructions alongwith a format have recently been forwarded to all the States vide our letter No. IESL/356/2019 dt 29 Apr 2019. Instructions must be strictly followed while sending their claims and the claim must reach latest by 30 Sep every year for the previous education session.

7. All the State Presidents are requested to ensure that the claims for grants/financial assistance in future are forwarded in respect of entitled cases only and each claim is clearly marked with the grant/financial assistance for which the claim is preferred. This, besides helping the staff to dispose off the claims promptly shall ensure that the relief money reaches to the distressed/ needy at the earliest and infructionscorrespondence is avoided.

8. It is sincerely hoped that all the Status shall extend their full co-operation in this regard and help us to serve them better.


(President States/UTs Ex-Services Leagues)


Appx ‘A’ to IESL New Delhi letter

NO IESL/356/2019 dt    Apr 2019





  1. An amount, depending on the availability of funds is budgeted every year to be

disbursed as Education Stipend to the wards of the Ex-Servicemen and widows. Changed circumstances have necessitated having a fresh look on the condition presently laid down entitlement to Education Stipend. Fresh recommendations which shall be applicable to claim the stipend shall be as under:-


(a)       Education Stipend shall only be entitled to all Ex-Servicemen upto the rank of Naik and widows of all NCOs and ORs who are members of IESL, New Delhi.


(b)       Wards of Naik and below and widows of all NCOs & OR who obtain more than 80% marks in class 10th  and class12th exams only will be eligible.  In certain States where class 8th exams are also conducted by the State Education Boards. Students scoring 80%  and above in the same will  also be eligible for the stipend.


(c)       Ward of an Ex-serviceman shall be entitled to stipend every alternative year, whereas war widows and disabled Ex-Servicemen (who are not fit to earn their livelihood) shall be entitled every year.


(d)       Rates of stipend per annum shall be as under:-


(i)         For Ex-Servicemen :-


Below Matric 1000/-


Above Matric 1500/-


(ii)        For Widows, Disabled and Dependents :-


Below Matric 1500/-


Above Matric 2000/-





(f)        Rates of stipend as given above may be changed depending on the           availability of funds and number of applicants.


(g)       An Ex-Servicemen and widow who are getting any kind of    education/scholarship education Grant from any other source shall not be entitled   to this stipend.


(h)       A ward shall get stipend only once in one academic year for each class. If he/she fails, he/she shall not be entitled to stipend for the same class again.


(j)         Every claim shall be verified and signed by the District and State Presidents of the league without which, no claim shall be passed.  This authority shall not be delegated to other office bearers by the State President.


(k)        An orphan ward of a late Ex-Servicemen can also prefer claim provided he/she produces a certificate from the gram Pradhan/School Principal/Parishad Councilor of the area/District Sainik Welfare Officer.  In case there are more than one children of an Ex-Servicemen, only two children will be eligible.


(l)         All the claims for Education Stipend must reach IESL New Delhi latest by                      30 Sept, every year.  No claim after that date shall be entertained.


(m)      New application form, as recommended , is attached as Annx ‘I’.



4. Distress Grant

(a) Actual distress conditions are not explained by the Presidents, State Ex- Services Leagues.

(b) IESL membership number is not given.

(c) Photocopy of discharge certificate is not attached.

(d) Claims are not signed by the Presidents, State Ex-Services League.

(e) In case of widow death certificate is not attached.

5. Medical Reimbursment – Applicable to those Ex-Servicemen only, who retired/released prior to 15 Aug 1947.

6. Common observations are as under:-

(a) IESL Membership number is not given.

(b) Photocopy of discharge certificate is not attached.

(c) Medical Certificate to showing the particular illness is not attached.

(d) Bills incurring the medical expenditure are not attached.

(e) In case of widow death certificate is not attached.

7. It may please be noted that in future a case with discrepancies shall neither be accepted nor the observations be intimated by post. Infructuous correspondence, as you shall appreciate, besides incurring heavy expenditures, entails wasteful efforts. Incase State Presidents desire to have their rejected cases back in the state, they may arrange collection from this office under their own arrangements.

8. Please acknowledge receipt.