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2nd meeting with Raksha Mantri

Brig Kartar Singh(Retd), President National Confederation of ESM Organisations (NCESMO) and delegation of NCESMO met the Hon’Ble RM and discussed the progress on the memorandum submitted on 27 Nov 2018 containing ten (10) items.

The Hon’ble RM gave quite a few positive directions and minutes will be issued by RM’s Sectt later. However, the good news which should be shared immediately is as under:-

(a) Enhanced Family Pension for Widows of the War Disabled invalided out of Service Item III). Disabled War Veterans Pension will be based on Policy letter No 200847/Pen-C/71dated 24 Feb 1972. This will enhance the service element of Veterans pension where applicable.

(b) Reservist’s Pension (Item V). Reservist’s Pension will be 2/3 of Sepoy’s pension if Reservists have completed 15 years service of reserve liability. This amount will now be Rs 11419/- and not Rs 9000/- which is being given now. Those who have not completed 15 years of reserve liability to draw
Rs 9000/- pm.

(c) MACP for Pre 2006 Retirees (Item VI). The Hon’ble RM directed that this issue is part of OMJC terms of reference and will be looked into again.

(d) Litigation in Courts (Item IX). Hon’ble RM said that they are aware of the situation and suitable measures will be taken as and when required on the merits of the case

(e) Veteran’s Day. Will be celebrated on 14 Jan as hitherto fore.