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misused.DIAV/ Army/ MoD

It has come to notice that a NGO named Veer Nari Shakti ( is actively contacting the Veterans and Next of Kins and other private donors/ corporate houses asking for support through contributions and donations. The NGO also claims to be Govt recognised and offers IT Sec 80G Certificate for the individual donations made. The organisation is asking for personal details like bank account number,photo of PPO, Mobile number linked with bank account number etc. Sharing the same is not advisable as it could be misused.DIAV/ Army/ MoD has no links or connections with this NGO and is NOT recognised by any of the organisations/ departments.You are advised to remain aware and avoid any dealings or transaction with such NGOs in the name of martyrs and their families. Please share this message in your circles and warn all veterans and NOKs of such NGOs.

Issue of Identity cards to Dependents of EXM


 Ministry of Defence Kendriya Sainik Board
 West Block-lV Wing *Vll
 R K Puram New Dellhi-1 10066 

06 1 /Policy/Gen Policy/KS B/A 03 Aug2o18

All RSBs


1. Further to this Sectt letter No 061/Policy/Gen PolA/ol-1 dated 24 Apr 2A18.

2. The competent authority has approved to resume the issue of dependent I ldentity Cards to ESM.

3. Necessary instructions be issued to all ZSBs under your jurisdiction accordingly 4. Guidelines for issue of I Cards to dependent of ESM follows shortly. 5. This has the approval of Secretary KSB

(Sanjay Sahrawat)

Capt (lN)

Offg JD Policy, KSB

GUIDELINES FOR ISSUE OF I.CARDS TO DEPENDENTS OF ESM lntroduction 1. A number of representations are being received from ESM for . issue of dependent ldentity Cards. The main reason for these representations being that dependents of ESM are unable to utiiize various facilities/benefits extended to them by organizations due to hon availability of ldentity cards. The case in point is air travel concession offered by the airlines to dependents of ESM, however, many dependents of ESM are not able to make use of the concession due to want of Dependents lD card which is a mandatory requirement instituted by the airlines offering the concession

2 During third south Zone Meeting held at Hyderabad this issue was deliberated upon in detail in light of various representations and recommendations of Directors of all Rajya Sainik Boards on the need of issuing dependent I Cards. lt was decided by the Chairman that dependent I – cards be issued and policy in this regard be formulated.

3. It is to be clearly understood that the definition of dependents which is in vogue while being in service will continue to govern the criteria to establish the eligibility of dependents of ESM. The onus to verify and authenticate the details of dependents will Iie on the Zila Sainik Board where the ESM is registered based on the entry in their discharge book. Following will be eligible for issue of Dependent l*card:- (a) Spouse and dependent children of ESM (b) War Widows/Dependent parents of defence personnel killed in war/action. Widows of ESM and their dependent children including step and legally adopted children. (c) Dependent parents whose monthly income from all sources does not exceed Rs. 9000/- plus the amount of dearness relief on basic pension of Rs. 90001 as on the date of consideration. (GOl MOH and Family Welfare letter 11012111212016-CGHS-P dated 08 Nov 2016).

4. The following guidelines are to be adhered to by the Deptt of Sainik welfare/ Zila Sainik Welfare while issuing the Dependents ldentity Cards:- (a) ldentity cards to be issued to all dependents of ESM as brought out at para 3 aboVe. The format of I card is placed at Appendix ‘A” (b) The card is to be issued (first time) ,on payment of Rs 100/- per card. The money is to be taken on charge and’accounted for. The Amount realized towards making of Dependent Card should be forwarded to Kendriya Sainik Board in the form of a Demand Draft drawn in favour of “ARMED FORCES FLAG DAY FUND’. p (c) Separate application for issue of ldentity cards is to be submitted by ESM for,eaitn OepenOent. The format is placed at Appendix’B’. (d) The dependent card is to be linked to ESM I card to ensure only eligible dependents are issued with the dependent card. (e). The dependent card is to be issued only to the dependents mentioned ‘in the discharge book of ESM. (f) The following documents are to be produced by an ESM for issue of dependents card:- (i) Application with photograph pasted, for issue of dependent card. (ii) Registration form. iii copy of Discharge book. (iv) Copy of PPO. (v) NoC form previous ZSB, if applicable'( vi )Copy of Birth Certificate, (vii) Copy of Aadhar card.

Validity of Dependent ldentitv Card

(a) ln case of War/ Pensioner’s Widow the ldentity Card will be of permanent nature and remain valid till she gets remarried, to be renewed every five (05) years.

(b) The identity card in respect of spouse of ESM will also of permanent nature and would necessitate change only on change of status (if divorced etc), to be renewed every five Years.

(c) Dependent identity card to the children of ESM will be issued initially for a period of five years and will be renewed thereafter for another five years subject to the following:- (i) Sons – Attaining the age of 25 years or on ceasing to be dependent whichever is earlier or unemployed due to disabled life time. (ii) Daughters Till married or unemployed due to disability life time. (iii) Permanently Disabled children – valid for life time. (d) Renewed ldentity Card to be treated as first issue and charged Rs 100 only.

The following security measures are to be ensured to obviate its misuse:- (a) lt is to be understood by all that this card does not provide access to restricted areas and orders issued by local formations in this regard’are to be adhered to. (b) This card is not to be photo copied. Photocopies of the card will be considered as invalid. (c) Any misuse/tempering of the card will lead to ceasing benefits to ESM. (d) The safe custody of these ldentity cards is the responsibility of the individual holding the same. ln case of minor, its safe custody is the responsibilitY of the ESMMidow. 6. (e) Before issue of I cards to the dependents of ESM, the sanctity of the document, its safe custody by the card holder and the repercussions as a result of its loss and reaching in the hands of anti- national elements should be explained to him/her. (f) The ESM and applicant be explained that it is their responsibility to ensure that the dependent card is not misused.

lssue of Duplicate Dependent ldentitv Card

7. The under mentioned procedure is to be followed for issuance of duplicate Dependent Card:-

(a) FIR is to be lodged in an event of loss of dependent card by ESM/ dependent. After one month from the date of FlR, an endorsement of Police Station needs to be obtained on the status of thd complaint.

(b) The ESM/dependent should approach ZSWO along with the copy of FIR and application containing the facts leading to the loss of Card. Further, an application for issue of duplicate I card is to be submitted. Thereafter, the ZSWO will carry out one man investigation on the spot to ascertain that there is no malafide iqtent and insurgency angle is not involved. The comments of ZSWO are to be endorsed on the application and then only duplicate card is to be issued. .,’

(c) No duplicate card is to be issued after the third loss. The following penalty is to be levied for flrst three losses:- (i) First loss Rs 300/- (ii)second Loss Rs 600/- Third Loss 900/-

(d)An undertaking is to be obtained from the ESM/widow that the duplicate identity card will be surrendered immediately to the issuing authority in case the lost Dependent card is found subsequently.

(e) A notation of loss is to be made in Discharge book and other relevant register in Red ink indicating the number of loss (l’t/llnd/lll’d).

(f) Following documents are to be kept at ZSB for record:-

(i) Copy of FIR registered with the police station.

(ii) Application from the individual for issue of duplicate card atong with photographs.

Replacement of Dependent Identity Card due to Fair, Wear and Tear

8′ Consequent to any damage to the Dependent ldentity Card because of fair wear and tear’ Fresh Dependent ldentity Card will be issued on request of Ex- servicemen enclosing there with damaged Dependent ldentity card after ascertaining the facts and genuineness of the case and completion of the period of five years from the date of issue of the Dependent identity card. Fee of Rs. 100/- Rupees one hundred only) is to be charged for issue of new card, in such cases. I’ Dependent identity cards are to be returned to the issuing authority for cancellation on following occasions:_

(a) Whilst applying for renewal due fair/wear and tear.
(b) On demise of the holder. (c) On becoming intelligible i.e. widow/daughter getting married and sons crossing the age of 25 years or the day individual ceases to be dependent which ever is earlier

. 10′ Serial number for.each category is to be maintained separately under following head with separate iegisters:

(a) Dependent ldentity card – lnitial/ replacement issue Register.

(b). Dependent rdentity card issued due to loss – Register.

Demand / Submission of Return

11′ Directors, Deptt. of Sainik welfare or Secretaries, Rajya Sainik Boards to forward half yearly demand / report to Kendriya sainik Board (Jt Director, Accounts) commencing from harf year ending 31 Mar and 30 sep as per format praced at Appendix’C’.

12′ Amount charged as fee for making dependent I card and realized towards penalty for loss of Dependent ldentity card should be forwarded to Kendriya sainik Board in the form of a Demand Draft drawn in favour of “ARMED FoRcES FLAG DAY FUND” along with this return. widoMdaughters getting married and sons the day individual ceases to be dependent,

13. These instructions should be circulated to all ZSWOs under your organization and should form the part of important policy letters which need to be handdd over to the new incumbent at the time of transfer/relinquishment of the charge.

Very important piece of info on pension after the death of a spouse….


Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions

Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare

3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,

Khan Market, New Delhi

Dated: 20th September, 2013


Sub: Submission of Form 14 by the spouse to the pension disbursing bank after the death of the pensioner – instructions reg.

The undersigned is directed to draw attention to the requirement of applying for family pension in Form 14 as given in rule 81 (2) (A) (ii) of the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972.

2. This Department has been receiving representations from various quarters to do away with the condition of applying for family pension in Form 14 as it is causing inconvenience to widows, who find it difficult and embarrassing to present themselves before two Gazetted Officers/persons of repute for attestation of Form 14.

3. Before commencement of family pension, personal identification details of the spouse such as specimen signature, personal mark of identification and left hand thumb impression, proof of age/date of birth of spouse and an undertaking from him/her for recovery of excess payment are to be obtained by the bank. Form 14 serves as a standard processing sheet, which defines and delineates the exact requirement of information to be given to the pension disbursing Bank. It was apprehended that in the absence of this standard, the widows may be asked to submit any relevant or irrelevant information by the bank. This could also lead to delay in commencement of the family pension.

4. The matter has been examined and it has been agreed that in case the pensioner and spouse are holding a joint account, the possibility of claim for family pension from someone else does not arise. Therefore, in such cases, there is no requirement of Form 14. The spouse may inform the Bank of death of the pensioner and request the bank for commencement of family pension, through a simple letter. He/she may enclose a copy of death certificate of pensioner, PPO, proof of his/her own age/date of birth and an undertaking for recovery of excess payment. In other cases, i.e., where the pension is not being credited to the joint bank account of the pensioner and his/her spouse, Form 14 will be continued to be obtained by the banks.  However, the condition ofattestation of Form 14 has been done away with and witnessing by two persons has been considered as sufficient.

5. For all future cases, Head of Office will forward to the PAO, along with similar details for the pensioner, the specimen signature, personal mark of identification, left hand thumb impression, the proof of age/date of birth and an undertaking from the spouse regarding recovery of excess payment. After the death of the pensioner, the spouse of the deceased pensioner will be required to provide only death certificate to the paying bank, who will identify the spouse based on the information given in the PPO and its own “Know Your Customer” procedures. Where the pensioner and his/her spouse do not have a joint account, Form 14 will be required as in para 4 above.

6. This issues with the concurrence of Department of Expenditure, vide their ID No. 601/E.V/2013, dated 13.09.2013.


(D.K. Solanki)

Under Secretary to the Government of India