misused.DIAV/ Army/ MoD

It has come to notice that a NGO named Veer Nari Shakti (www.veernarishakti.org) is actively contacting the Veterans and Next of Kins and other private donors/ corporate houses asking for support through contributions and donations. The NGO also claims to be Govt recognised and offers IT Sec 80G Certificate for the individual donations made. The organisation is asking for personal details like bank account number,photo of PPO, Mobile number linked with bank account number etc. Sharing the same is not advisable as it could be misused.DIAV/ Army/ MoD has no links or connections with this NGO and is NOT recognised by any of the organisations/ departments.You are advised to remain aware and avoid any dealings or transaction with such NGOs in the name of martyrs and their families. Please share this message in your circles and warn all veterans and NOKs of such NGOs.

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